Natural Remedy for Water Stains

While we’ve got some time on our hands, let’s give some of our glass some TLC.

Here is a ‘do it yourself’ project for your existing shower glass doors and panels.

Our desert is known for its beautiful views, and our hot water springs have abundance of natural minerals which make for a relaxing, euphoric experience, however hard water isn’t such a great thing for your shower panels!  They end up clouded by calcium build up, soap and water spots, and these stains may feel impossible to remove but you can win this battle!  If the panels are severely stained Desert View Glass will need to replace it though.  To start, try to remove these hard water spots with an all-natural cleaner that will freshen up your bathroom and keep your family safe.  Here are our suggestions:

Get Your Supplies

Clean bucket/tub


White vinegar

Clean cloth/rag/sponge

Rubber gloves (optional but recommended)

It’s all about gloves these days but if you don’t have any to spare, don’t worry, the product is natural and generally isn’t super harsh on your hands.  But you can also use plastic bags on your hands as a substitute!

Mix It Up

In your bucket/tub, mix up equal parts of white vinegar and water, we recommend starting off with one cup of each.  You’ll want to adjust the whole amount according to the size of the panels and quantity of showers you’ll be cleaning though.  You can add more vinegar for really tough stains or try pure undiluted vinegar for extra stubborn spots!


Using your sponge/rag/cloth, apply the mixture to the shower panel(s), and coat it completely from top to bottom.  Where the stains are thicker (usually at the bottom end of the door or panel) be sure to apply a generous amount of your vinegar/water mixture.  The entire panel should be thoroughly covered in your solution.

Set The Timer

Let it sit for at least 5 minutes.  For the problem areas you may have to wait longer.  White vinegar is an acid that will eat away the stains while keeping your glass safe from damage.  Be sure to apply the mixture to your faucets and shower head to help remove hard water deposits and help restore your water pressure.  This mixture is also great for removing scummy soap buildup!


Once your timer has gone off, rinse the entire panel/shower with hot water.  If you find that there are still hard water stains left on your shower panel, you should reapply your mixture, but this time allow it sit longer or try adding more vinegar to your mixture.   You can leave this overnight as well! 

Pro Tip

For thicker hard water spots and soap build up on the glass’s metal hardware, we recommend you use some lemon or citrus oil, pour a small amount on a cloth and rub the metal frame gently.  Do this until the stains are vanquished and your frame is as gorgeous as the day it was installed!  (Or at least close to it!)

Another tip is to add citrus peels into your vinegar a few days before you make the mixture.  Not only does this add an extra boost to the cleaning power but it will make your vinegar smell like citrus!  

If you’re losing the battle, give Desert View Glass a call, it might just be time for a fresh start with a new glass shower door/panel and some new hardware. 

You can reach our glass technician at

Office: 760-288-3217