Feng Shui Your Home With Mirror And Glass, A Water Element.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to balance the art of energy, or chi, we’ve got some helpful object placement ideas! When you utilize feng shui in your interior and exterior spaces, it increases relaxation, peace, and energy of life in that space. Wood, fire, earth metal and water are the five elements in feng shui. Glass and mirror represent the element of water, we’re here to help here at Desert View with these following suggestions.

Kitchen Mirror

You may have beautiful stainless steel that reflects, however mirrors do an even greater job of adding the water element to your kitchen. The kitchen is where family gathers to prepare meals, and sometimes where the meal is enjoyed. Fengu shui practitioners have long time believed that the kitchen represents good health. If the kitchen is spacious enough, a mirrored wall or back splash will make the space open up even more.

Glass Table Tops

Glass tops are another nice way to add the water element to your interior design. If you find a beautiful unique base a large glass top can be propped on top, creating an artistic dining room centerpiece. Other tables, such as night stands, or coffee tables can also have glass tops. If you enjoy the look of wood furniture, or even restoring beautiful antique furniture, just have glass cut to size and place it over the existing top. This will protect the longevity of your furniture pieces and add elegance to any room.

Dining Area Mirrors

The dining room signifies abundance and riches in feng shui, this is a great place to add a water feature. Again, mirrors are the perfect addition, plus they look amazing when you have guests. Mirrors reflect the beautiful candles that you may have lit, and it reflects the delicious spread you set out for your guests. Mirrors allow your guests to see reflections of enjoyment and light. If your wall allows it, we recommend a large mirror.

Entryway/Hallway Glass

The best way to add a water element to your front room is to have glass cutout on your front door. You can also hang a small mirror on your front wall if there is space. Many folks love having a mirror near the door to take one last look before they head out for the day. Shape is so important, we recommend using squares, ovals, round shapes to really capture a peaceful water element.

There are many ways to add feng shui water elements to your home, these were just a few.

Desert View Mirror and Glass can help!

Photo by Carlo, thank you.